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Fastest Payout Casinos in the UK – Instant Withdrawal

Payment methods are getting faster in our daily routine, and it is natural to wish for an extension of that ease when it comes to withdrawing winnings from online casinos. The fastest payout casinos in the UK are competing to offer the best conditions to players with verified identities, who prove themselves loyal to the websites.

If you are looking for a fast payout casino to withdraw slot winnings as soon as possible, do not worry. We selected all the fast payout online casinos that are legit and actually pay and listed them for you.

What Is a Fast Payout Casino?

A fast payout casino is a website that, compared to other similar brands, pays your requested withdrawals within a reasonable timeframe. Nowadays, that equals same-day withdrawals and instant payouts – at least, if you choose the right payment methods.

How to Withdraw From the Fastest Payout Casinos?

The withdrawal process to get your money from the fastest payout casinos in the UK is not difficult. In fact, it is as simple as depositing, except for the first time you are trying to do it. In order to confirm your identity, even the quickest payout casino might delay the payment the first time you request it.

Other than that, choosing the right withdrawal method on online casinos with fast payout is the most important rule of all. To make it simpler, we cover all the features and decisions involved in the instant withdrawal process below.

Choose the Quickest Payout Casino Methods

Any fast payout casino is only considered so because there is at least one method that promotes instant withdrawals. After all, even with a top-notch payment processing and support team, it all comes down to how long a method takes to process the transfers.

That said, we want to present to you the most efficient withdrawal methods that you should choose from the deposit. As it is, casinos will always demand that you withdraw using the same method of deposit that generated the profit you will withdraw. Next time you make a deposit, you should choose:

  • E-wallets: Some good examples are PayPal and MuchBetter, with which you deposit and withdraw from casinos, and you can transfer directly to your account. However, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, although just as fast, are not accepted for bonuses like slot free spins.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are some of the cryptocurrencies accepted by online casinos. They are far from being stablecoins, meaning that there can be valuation or devaluation from the moment you deposit to the withdrawal.

Visa Fast Funds on the Fastest Payout Casinos?

Debit cards tend to be a bad idea for withdrawals if you want them instant. As an exception, you might find the option of Visa Fast Funds on the fastest payout casinos. Unlike other debit cards, transactions are processed much faster. Other than that, it works just like any other debit card.

Eliminate All Wagering Requirements First

Every casino bonus comes with wagering requirements unless you find a really good promotion or receive VIP benefits like the no wager free spins. You must keep in mind that those requirements must be completed before any withdrawal is requested. Otherwise, aside from not receiving the instant payout, you are interested in, you will lose the bonus and the winnings.

In the case that you play on more than one fast payout casino at a time and wonder if you have already completed the wagering requirements, do not worry. Every high-quality online casino will have a bonus section available in the account. Check it to be informed of any pending amounts that you must wager before requesting withdrawals.

Also, keep in mind to focus on betting on slot games, preferably those that we reviewed to be the best alternatives. Slots are usually the only type of game that contributes 100% to the wagering requirements.

Verify Your Account As Soon As Possible

As stated before, the first withdrawal on any fast payout casino in the UK will require more time. The company has to verify if you truly are a reliable and real person and not someone trying to benefit from incorrect information. That said, you can hurry things up and have your documents approved from the moment you register instead of waiting until the withdrawal.

The initial processing time can still be anything like 12 hours among the fastest payout casinos, as it will still be your first withdrawal. From that moment on, your transfers will result in immediate withdrawals, with no delay, if you choose the casinos that we recommend.

Best Tips for Fast Payout Online Casinos

You are on the right track to play on the fast payout online casinos that we recommend here. In addition to the knowledge that you have gathered so far, allow us to introduce some tips that will improve your experience on the fastest payout casinos in the UK.

Avoid Slow Payout Casino Methods

It is no use to find the fastest casinos in terms of withdrawals if you opt for payment methods with a slow turnaround. Although they are safe, you should avoid the following deposit methods like the plague if you want fast withdrawals:

  • Debit Cards – Except for the Visa Fast Fund option that we mentioned above, do not opt for debit cards when depositing because you will need to withdraw with them. They take at least 1 to 3 working days to process the payment, and that is far from being fast.
  • Bank Transfers – It might sound better to transfer your money straight to the casino and do the same way back, without using an intermediary e-wallet. However, transfers might take anything from hours to unbelievable 7 days to complete when you withdraw.
  • Prepaid Cards – Paysafecard and similar methods are a safe way of making payments, but you also know that the recommended online casinos are safe for any type of transfer. Besides, you will have to withdraw with the slow bank transfers if you deposit with them.

Withdraw During the Week

Even among the fastest payout casinos in the UK there are those that only process payments during the week. You can simply check our best online casino reviews to figure out the ones with 24/7 payment processing or check the terms by yourself. If you find the perfect casino with fast payouts that only pays during the week, simply request it from Monday to Friday.

Choose Only the Fastest Payout Casinos

Maybe you can get attracted to a really cool online casino with no deposit free spins and decide that is where you want to play. That bonus might look attractive but will probably not last much. If the casino has slow payments, you will most probably wait almost a week to finally put your hands in the winnings from those free spins. Instead, try to combine the best of both worlds with a fast payout casino with awesome bonuses and features. 

Participate in VIP Programs

You will find both VIP and loyalty programs on online casinos. To become a real VIP, you might need a specific staff member to find your profile and identify it as a VIP customer, which results in instant benefits like instant withdrawals with a better limit. On the other hand, loyalty programs reward players as they keep playing and spending on the site. That is also a way to get fast withdrawals on online casinos.

Investigate the Limits in the Fastest Payout Casinos

Be careful not to give too much importance to finding the fastest payout casinos in the UK and forget about the limits. It is no use to have fast withdrawals if you want to cash out £10,000 and there is a weekly or even monthly limit of £5,000. You would have to wait anyway, and that is not ideal.

Fees of the Fastest Payout Casinos

Finally, consider how much you are willing to pay in order to have the fastest withdrawals offered by online casinos. Some of them might add a fee to any withdrawal, or at least to some extent, and it could be better to choose another casino. That is why it is essential to read our reviews, at least the summary on withdrawals, to avoid traps.

Contact the Support

You just requested a withdrawal, and you are not sure how long it is going to take. That is fine. You can always contact support, as most of the fastest payout casinos offer 24/7 live chat in English. They are there to serve answers to your questions, so do not be shy and ask how long it could take or why it is taking long.

How to Find the Fastest Payout Casinos?

Finding the fastest payout casinos is not a hard task like it used to be. Filtering fast payout casinos in the UK that really have good terms and payment methods for people in our region is no longer a job of yours.

Use Our List of Fast Payout Casinos in the UK

The best way to find a fast payout online casino in the UK is to go through our list. Slots BetPlay is specialized in finding and reviewing online casinos that accept UK players and offer good conditions, including fast payouts. Our list will give you summarized details, but you are welcome to open the review to get more information on payments.

Compare Terms and Conditions

After opening a couple of casino reviews from the websites that you liked the most, you are almost ready. You can sign up for all of them, but it is also possible to scroll down to the payment section of each review and compare them. There is no need to go through the long terms and conditions on the websites if we have already carried out all the work for you.

Look For Casino Fast Payout Methods

You can check the reviews of slot sites that we bring to you here on Slots BetPlay, or you can check a list for a specific payment method. As an example, we brought our readers a complete guide on the best PayPal casino sites. If that is an instant casino cash-out method that you find interesting, any of the listed casinos there will work.

Table of the Fastest Payout Methods on Online Casinos

Payment MethodDeposit timePayout timeFees
BitcoinInstantUp to 15 minutesVaries
Debit Card (Visa Fast Funds)InstantInstantFree

Advantages of a Fast Payout Casino

With so many characteristics to check when choosing the best online casino, some people might wonder about the importance of preferring a fast payout casino. To decide if it is really worth adding the payment processing time to your checklist, consider the following advantages:

  • No risk of delay when you want that money you won playing with fun.
  • Faster withdrawals mean more money available to use on other online casinos.
  • All the listed fast payout online casinos have been tested by us and are safe.
  • Efficiency in withdrawals usually means high quality in other areas.

Are Instant Payout Slot Sites Safe?

Yes, if you choose the ones that we reviewed and approved based on solid parameters, you can rest assured of their safety. It does not matter if they are old or new slot sites. Our opinion is constructed on top of over a decade of experience of our specialists. All the fastest payout casinos that we recommend are licensed, offer encryption to your data, and truly pay.

Best Slots to Win Money on the Fastest Payout Casinos

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Is It Worth Playing on the Fastest Payout Casinos?

Now that you have gathered enough knowledge on how the fastest payout casinos work feel free to scroll up to our list and find a couple of websites that interest you. They can have all the best features found on the top online casinos, like big bonuses, thousands of slots, and efficient support. The fact that they are among the fastest payout casinos is just an extra advantage.


What Are the Fastest Casino Payout Methods?

At the moment, we recommend using e-wallets and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to ensure that you will have your money as fast as possible.

Is It Possible to Find Instant Withdrawal Casinos?

Yes. As long as you choose a reliable online casino that we recommend and opt for a deposit method that offers instant withdrawals, you can receive your money in no time.

How Much Can I Withdraw From the Fastest Payout Casinos?

The amount does not interfere with how fast the withdrawal is processed. On the other hand, each casino has a predetermined daily, weekly, and monthly limit that you must know.

Is There a Way to Speed Up Casino Cash-outs?

Yes. Check with the support of your casino if you are eligible for a VIP program or any benefit that speeds up your withdrawals.

Do the Fastest Payout Casinos Charge Fees?

Although some of the fastest payout casinos in the UK might charge fees, that is not a rule, and you can find some that do not.

How to Become a VIP with Fast Payouts?

Contact your online casino support to get that information with the specific requirements.


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